If you want to submit a collection to Crippen & Landru

Submitting Contemporary Authors

Just a general note on submissions,

1) We strongly prefer uncollected short stories. We're not keen on the author having self-pubbed short story collections. We find that they put the best stories in that collection (and of course, why wouldn't they?) but then that leaves us with what's left. We're much more likely to look at a collection where all stories are available to us.

2) We are partial to authors who are at a point in their careers that they have a platform for marketing. We do some marketing for each book, including reviews, ads, and interviews. However, if the author has a platform as well, it helps immensely. That doesn't mean we're only interested in the top authors in the genre, but we are looking for a mid-list author at the very least.

3) We also look for indications of excellence. We've signed several authors who have won the Edgar for best short story. We've signed other authors who have won the reader's choice award from EQMM. We are talking to an author who just got a nice deal for a multiple-book series. All of that helps.

Submitting Lost Classic Authors

If you do not represent the author's estate, shoot us an email at: suggesting the author. We do need 13-16 uncollected stories by that author for a viable collection.

If you do represent the author's estate, please provide contact information and the stories suggested for the collection. We're very interested in hearing from you.