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Crippen And Landru

The Casebook of Gregory Hood, Radio Plays

The Casebook of Gregory Hood, Radio Plays

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THE GOLDEN AGE OF RADIO AND DETECTION!!!! In 1946, Anthony Boucher (1911-1968) and Denis Green (1905-1954) created one of the finest detective dramas ever to be broadcast during radio's Golden Age. The Casebook of Gregory Hood features a wealthy San Francisco importer and man-about-town who is drawn into mysterious cases as an amateur sleuth. Each of the cases, whether involving a beeswax candle, or a red capsule, or a sad clown, or an elusive violin, is meticulously plotted so that the listener can, if he or she is clever enough, deduce the solution. For many years, The Casebook of Gregory Hood was only a fond memory of radio and detection fans, but now Crippen & Landru is proud to present 14 complete (and never-before published) scripts, along with an informative introduction by the editor,


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