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Flair for Murder

Flair for Murder

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Get ready for cocktails and cats. One of the best light-hearted mystery series has a flair for murder. Richard and Frances Lockridge are best known for their married characters, Jerry and Pam North, who appeared in twenty-six novels, movies, TV, and Broadway. They also wrote books featuring Lt. Heimrich, Nathan Shapiro, and others. Aided by their Siamese cats, they helped Lt. Bill Weigand of the NYPD solve mysteries throughout the Big Apple.

Whether Jerry is solving crimes in the literary scene of Manhattan or Lt. Heimrich is answering a call about a murder, this collection contains all their known short stories, including one with Pam and Jerry North and others featuring Lt. Heimrich. The introduction is by Crippen & Landru Publisher Jeffrey Marks.

“It’s a major marvel how the Lockridges can consistently turn out books that are at once delightful zany comedies, sensitive novels of moods and manners and perfectly plotted detective stories.” New York Times reviewer, Anthony Boucher


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