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The Secret of the Pointed Tower

The Secret of the Pointed Tower

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A Véry Unique Collection


Pierre Véry (1900-1960) spent his life as a writer. He fell into mystery writing after winning a genre award for his work. Among his many creations was Les veillées de la Tour Pointue, a quirky collection that breaks the fourth wall. The narrator, who happens to be Pierre Véry, finds and publishes a series of mysteries.

While many of Véry’s works were made into films, this book has never been published in English. A few of his novels, including The Murder of Father Christmas, have been released in English.

But no more. Best-selling author and Renaissance man Tom Mead translated this book to English and wrote a fascinating look at Véry. He kept the humor and strange scenarios intact so the reader can see the talent of this little-known author.

Tom Mead is a Derbyshire mystery writer and aficionado of Golden Age Crime Fiction. His debut novel, Death and the Conjuror, was an international bestseller and its sequel, The Murder Wheel, was described as “brilliant” in a Publishers Weekly starred review and “a delight” by the Daily Mail. His third novel, Cabaret Macabre, will be published in 2024.


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